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ODE Review and EMIS Open Lab (In-Person OR Virtual) (EM060222)

MORNING (9 to 11) - All attendees should register directly with ODE to receive attendance credit. Attendees have the option to join us at the SPARCC offices to view the ODE presentation together, or to join virtually. AFTERNOON (1 to 3:30) - The afternoon session will be devoted toward reviewing and analyzing the information provided by ODE in the morning during the ODE ITC EMIS training. As time allows, attendees will also have the opportunity to work on current EMIS collections and reports, as well as to address any outstanding EMIS questions or issues. The SPARCC EMIS Team will be available for assistance, and this is also a great opportunity to network with other EMIS Coordinators.

Date: June 2nd, 2022
Location: SPARCC Rooms 228 & 229; Google Meet also provided
Time: 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Maximum number of participants: 30
Presenter: SPARCC EMIS Team
Questions about the course: [email protected]
Professional development hours:
Additional Information: The day before this event the ODE EMIS powerpoint will be sent to all, as well as a Google Meet invite for those joining us virtually.

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