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SPARCC and Stark County ESC Workshop Registration Event List (2 events found) 
Bloodborne Pathogens Initial Training [Register] (more info)
Presenter: Karen Tylke, RN, COHN/CM, AultWorks Occupational Medicine
October 9th, 2017 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
ESC IMC Room - Enter Door 4/6
This workshop is designed for district level priority group certified or classified personnel. (Employees, by the nature of their job description, are at a greater risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.) Participants will learn about: 1) Epidemiology; 2) Risk groups; 3) Modes of transmission; 4) Body fluids which transmit bloodborne diseases; 5) Signs/symptoms; 6) Recognizing tasks with exposure; 7) Methods to prevent/reduce exposure; 8) Personal protective equipment. Registration required by October 1, 2017. Enrollment limited to 50
eFP - The Mechanics of Vendor 1099 Processing - 2017 [Register] (more info)
(Course # FISCAL121317)
Presenter: eFP - Chris Miller
December 13th, 2017 1:00 PM - 400 PM
This eFP seminar is to explain the Mechanics of Vendor 1099 Processing for 2017 in eFinancePLUS.