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SPARCC and Stark County ESC Workshop Registration Event List (1 events found) 
Safety and Violence Prevention Curriculum On-Line Training Course Session Rev-159 [Register] (more info)
(Course # SVP021521)
February 15th, 2021
On-Line Course

NOTE: REGISTRATION CLOSES on Wednesday, February 10th

IMPORTANT TECHNOLOGY NOTE: This on-line course requires the participant to have access to YouTube.

Ohio Revised Code Section 3319.073 (K-12) requires personnel at public middle and high schools to take in-service child abuse detection training previously required for elementary and secondary school personnel.

Included in this course will be the following topics:

  • Risk factors and warning signs of possible child abuse
  • Overview of mental health issues that may be precursors to child abuse
  • Depression and suicide
  • Alcohol abuse and substance use
  • Child abuse, domestic violence, dating violence, and bullying
  • Identifying school and community supports and services to access help for these issues when identified or suspected.
  • Human trafficking
  • Participants can access the SVP online training via their internet browser. An e-mail will be sent to participants prior to the start of the course with the link to access the on-line training, your user name, and password. Each session contains the complete Stark County ESC/SVPC Online Training that fulfills the requirements of Ohio Revised Code Section 3319.073. Sessions must be completed within the two-week session period. Participants who complete the session will be awarded four (4) professional contact hours for participation and completion of the in-service.